Panasonic Door Entry Systems

(For Panasonic Phone Systems Only)


  • Rings all system phones when button is pressed
  • Powers itself from PBX unit
  • Standard doorbell control
  • Hard plastic exterior
  • Available in two Colors: Black & White


  • Standard doorbell control
  • Two-Way conversation between any PBX extension and door phone
  • Universal Door Entry Systems
  • Wall mounted or Recessed Installation
  • Interchangeable metal faceplates
  • Illuminated button with blue LED

Universal Door Entry Systems

DoorKing 1812

  • LED lighted key pad
  • Full Duplex communication
  • Installs in most residential applications
  • Optional color or black
  • Programmable to Panasonic PBX or single line applications
  • Distinctive double ring identifies visitor calls from regualr calls
  • 2 relays for door/gate control

DoorKing 1833

  • Stores up to 3000 telephone numbers and names
  • Surface mount or Flush mount
  • Communityand apartment based applications
  • Programmable directory codes
  • True Full Duplex communication