Paging Systems

We carry a complete line of Bogen, NCI, Valcom & Viking paging systems.  We can custom design a system for your specific paging needs.  Whether it’s one-way, two-way talk-back paging, indoors or outside, small buildings to large warehouses we can help.

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Telephone Access Module:

  • Loop start, ground start, and station port (90V ring up) compatibility
  • 600-ohm output
  • Built-in confirmation tone indicating access to paging system (defeatable)
  • Built-in pre-announce tone produced over paging system before announcement (defeatable)
  • Adjustable tone volume
  • Works with one-way and two-way (talkback) zones
  • Background music input with volume control
  • Suppresses background music during paging
  • Station access disconnect is dynamically controlled using a combination of disconnect timer, silence interval timer, and Calling Party Control (CPC_ signal detection
  • Disconnect timer is adjustable from 6 to 35 seconds (defeatable)
  • Silence interval timer is adjustable from 2 to 6 seconds (defeatable)
  • Calling Party Control (CPC) signal from switch immediately disconnects station port
  • No power supply needed for station port interfacing
  • 1 normally open contact pair available for operating external equipment
  • Punch block connections (type 66)
  • Wall mount design
  • FCC Part 68 approved

Bogen 15, 35, 60 & 100 Watt Amplifiers.

  • 15, 35, 60 & 100 watt output
  • Compact wall-mount design
  • Automatic Level Control (ALC) for balanced output with varying voice input levels
  • Built-in night ringer
  • Input terminals for telephone line and background music source
  • Output terminals offer choice of 25 volts, 70 volts, or 8 ohms for connection of various types of loudspeakers
  • Individual controls for tone, page volume, background music volume, and night ringer volume

Paging Horns:

  • Wide sound dispersion angle: 110 degrees · Can be mounted on pole or flat surface
  • High-intelligibility re-entrant horn ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Adjustable all-purpose mounting bracket
  • Impedance selector for matching a 25V or 70V line
  • Power rating 15 watt continuous, RMS, 20 watts equalized
  • Dimensions: 9″ diameter x 9 1/4″D.

Ceiling Speakers:

  • We carry a full range of ceiling speakers to fit every need.