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  1. Avaya Partner Time & Date Change (web page)
  2. How to use your Partner Telephone Set User Guide (PDF)
  3. Avaya Partner FEATURE CODES & Release Info & Module Compatibility (web page)
  4. Avaya Partner ACS R7 Quick Reference Guide (148KB/.PDF)
  5. Avaya Partner ACS R7 Complete Installation Manual (466-pages)
  6. Avaya Partner PC Card Voice Mail Easy User Guide (154KB/ .PDF)
  7. Avaya Partner Voice Messaging R1 Easy User Guide (144KB/ .PDF)
  8. Avaya Partner Messaging R1-R7 Managers Manual (207 Pages / PDF)
  9. Avaya TransTalk 9040 Cordless Telephone Quick User Guide( 469KB/ .PDF)
  10. Avaya TransTalk 9040 Cordless Telephone Installation Manual (2,810KB/ .PDF)
  11. How to Install & Use your Partner Cordless 3910 Telephone (62 Pages/PDF)

  1. AT&T, Lucent, Avaya Merlin Legend & Magix and Merlin Mail Date & Time Change (Web Page)
  2. Avaya Merlin Single Line Telephone User Guide (379KB/ .PDF)
  3. Avaya Merlin MLX Non-Display Telephone User Guide (430KB/ .PDF)
  4. Avaya Merlin MLX Display Telephone User Guide (662KB/ .PDF)
  5. Avaya Merlin 4400D Telephone User Guide (1,300KB/ .PDF)
  6. Avaya Merlin 4406/4412/4424 Telephone User Guide (601KB/ .PDF)
  7. Avaya Merlin Magix R2.2 Reference Guide (1,749KB /.PDF)
  8. Avaya Merlin Magix/Legend 6.1-7.0 Feature Reference PDF File
  9. Avaya Merlin Legend Mail User Guide (PDF File)
  10. Avaya Merlin Legend Mail Admin Program Manual (PDF File)
  11. Avaya Merlin Messaging R2.5 Voice Mail User Guide (152KB/.PDF)
  12. Avaya Merlin www messenger Voice Mail LAN Access User Guide (761KB/.PDF)
  13. AT&T Merlin 206/410/820 User Guide PDF File
  14. AT&T Merlin-II User Guide PDF File
  15. AT&T Merlin 1030 User Guide PDF File
  16. AT&T Merlin Plus User Guide PDF File
  17. Intuity Audix Basic Admin PDF File
  18. AT&T Spirit User Guide PDF File

ESI:  All IVX Systems ( C/S/E/E-VoIP Systems )

  1. Go to ESI Web Based On-Line Help (web page)


  1. Panasonic KXTD816 & KXTD1232 Time & Date Change (web page)
  2. Panasonic KXTD816/1232-R5 Telephone System & TVS Voice Mail Quick Guide (web page)
  3. Panasonic DBS 40/72/96/576 Time & Date Change (web page)
  4. Panasonic KXTD816 & KXTD1232 Version-5 User Manual (3,577KB/.PDF)
  5. Panasonic KXTVS-50 Voice Mail User Guide (610KB/.PDF)
  6. Panasonic KVTVS90 Voice Mail User Guide (2,469KB/ .PDF)
  7. Panasonic KXTVS120/220/320 Voice Mail User Guide (2,381KB / .PDF)
  8. Panasonic KXTA-624 Telephone System User Manual (1,544KB /.PDF)
  9. Panasonic KXTA-624 Installation Manual (PDF)
  10. Panasonic KVTVS Voice Mail System Prompts (17KB / .PDF)
  11. Panasonic KXTD816/1232 Hardware EPROM Upgrade List (PDF)
  12. Panasonic Feature by Software Version List (PDF)
  13. Panasonic KXT7680 Cordless Telephone User Guide (PDF)
  14. Panasonic KXT7690 Cordless Telephone User Guide (PDF)
  15. Panasonic Phantom Extensions (100,189,190,195, 200, 265-290)
  16. Panasonic KXTVA 50-200 Voice Mail Subscribers Guide (PDF)
  17. Panasonic KXTVA 50-200 Voice Mail Feature Manual (PDF)
  18. Panasonic KXTVA 50-200 Voice Mail Reference Card (PDF)


  1. Norstar CICS 6.0 Feature Card PDF File
  2. Norstar MICS 6.0 Feature Card PDF File


  1. Toshiba Time & Date Change by System (web page)
  2. Toshiba Digital Telephone User Guide (1,488KB/.PDF)
  3. Toshiba Electronic Telephone User Guide (1,256KB/.PDF)
  4. Toshiba Standard Telephone User Guide (495KB/.PDF)
  5. Toshiba Digital Cordless Telephone User Guide PDF File
  6. Toshiba DK Feature Description Manual PDF File
  7. Toshiba Contact-DK Voice Mail User Guide (PDF)
  8. Toshiba Stratagy DK R3 Voice Mail Log In Instructions (web page )
  9. Toshiba Stratagy DK R3 Voice Mail User Guide  (PDF File)
  10. Toshiba Stratagy-DK Technical FAQ (Web Page)
  11. Toshiba Stratagy-DK & IVP8 Admin Guide PDF

WIN Communications 440CT

  1. WIN440CT Digital Telephone User Guide PDF
  2. WIN440CT SLT User Guide PDF

NCI Paging Systems

  1. NCI Paging System Installation Manual PDF

Nel Tech

  1. Messager® MP3 Manual Pdf

Miscellaneous Information:

  • Time & Date Change for Various Telephone Systems including (Isotec, Samsung, Prostar, Nortel, Panasonic, Toshiba Etc.