Surge Protection

Every manufacturer we know does not cover lightning, flood or destructive damage under their warranty.  Don’t risk your investment – make sure you have lightning/surge protection on both your electrical and telephone outlets.

TowerMax 8 KSU Surge Protector Base Unit

  • SurgeGate™ Circuitry is a “power monitoring” system.  Protects your KSU and AC equipment against prolonged over-voltages, as well as surges. In the event of a prolonged over-voltage, SurgeGate™ Circuitry will disconnect power to equipment, then automatically reconnect it once power has returned to a safe level.
  • Expandable Protection.  Customize your single line protection with an unlimited number of TowerMax modules
  • 8 AC Power Outlets.  All outlets are spaced for transformers.  Four always on and four switched outlets provide maximum flexibility

Central Office Line Surge Protector

Protect your system from both ends.  Use the  CO Line Protector to adequately protect your investment from power surges that may arise over your telephone lines.

  • Protects eight central office lines
  • Features 8 RJ-11/45 jacks through 4 ports (4 lines, 4 equipment – pins 4,5 each port)
  • Auto-resetting sneak current protection
  • For use with TowerMax 8 KSU Base Unit
  • Clamping level 240 volts
  • UL 497A, CSA Certified