FutureSmart Cable System

A Smart Investment for your
Office or Home.

Multi-Room Video

Multi-room video lets you distribute signals from up to three different video
sources such as security cameras, DVD or VCR players, HDTV, satellite or cable
to televisions throughout your office or home. Now every room can be an extension of your
entertainment center! You can also create your own custom television channels
for monitoring areas inside or outside of your building through security cameras.

Satellite TV Distribution

Distributes a DBS satellite dish signal to up to four separate DBS receivers and
television locations through a single coax cable, so you can watch satellite
programming from anywhere in the building.

Whole-Building Audio

Play music to suit your mood throughout your entire office or house. This option will
distribute an audio signal to 8 pairs of speakers or to 16 mono locations.

Communication Solutions:

Shared High-Speed Internet Access

Shared high speed Internet access with a DSL or cable modem provides fast,
simultaneous Web access for all the computers in your office or home.

Home Office (SOHO)

Advanced multi-line telephone system allows you to add or change lines and
locations of phones, fax machines, and modems without rewiring.

Computer Networking

Share files, printers, fax machines, scanners, and high-speed access to the